Hazard Perception - easy when you know how!

Most apps – including the DVSA’s – don’t give a true reflection of the hazard test…

Our app does.


Our App has 12 clips – not just 8 or 10 as with others – AND has the accurate, ‘real life’ scoring system you’ll get in the Test.
We also include the DVSA’s detailed ‘How to’ videos and reviews on all clips to help you understand the test.
And remember, the app also works on your computer – PC or Mac – and your Smartphone and tablet – Apple or Android so you can study and practise anywhere.



All clips are filmed in HD and optimised for HD streaming for accurate viewing and scoring.


Just like the real thing

Believe it or not, the DVSA’s app and many others available, DON’T have accurate hazard practice.
For example, the DVSA’s app has just 10 clips, but the real test has 14. Also, you can only click 5 times in their
app when in the real test there is no limit on clicks – AND then, the DVSA app DOES NOT disqualify
you for for inappropriate clicking – which the real test does!

Luckily… Our App does both.



Check your progress

When you are ready, you’ll know you are ready with our detailed progress trackers.


You're twice as likely to pass using our apps*

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