Resources for ADIs

As a busy ADI, you know that it’s no longer just about the excellent job you do in the car anymore.

There’s so much more to think about in terms of pupil resources, training materials and apps in giving that ‘5-star’ service to help you charge what you are worth.


Resources for you and your pupils

To give you the edge over the competition and to offer your pupils the best possible service and products, take a look below at how our app gives your pupils the excellent resources to match your brilliant in-car work.



Pupil Tracker

The app gives you a detailed ‘pupil tracker’ to monitor your pupils’ progress in depth and drill down into detail to give them a more tailored service.

Learn more about the pupil tracker

Driving lesson videos for your pupils

Do you want to offer our driving lesson videos content to your pupils?
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Offer driving lessons videos to your pupils


3D briefing tool

Bring your lesson briefings into the 21st century.
Learn more about the 3D briefing tool


Your branding

Brand the app with your logo as if it is yours.

Learn more about branding the app


Add a button to your website

Add a simple button to your website so you can offer the app to your pupils.

What’s more, should any ‘non-pupils’ access the app via your website, you will get an email to let you know you have a new potential enquiry.
Learn more about adding a button to your website


Sign up

If you would like to offer the app and all of the ADI resources directly to your pupils – and give them a 50% discount on the full price of the driving lesson videos too, you can sign up here:
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