8 second test

Believe it or not, unless a surfer (a surfer is the term given to someone using the internet; ie ‘surfing the ‘net!’) has been directed for your site specifically, they will only stay on your site 8 seconds before deciding if they will leave.
This is known as the ‘bounce rate’.
Most websites have a ‘bounce rate’ of 99%! Yes, that is correct 99%! So just 1 % of surfers will stay on your site! And this decision to ‘bounce’ away from your site is made in just 8 seconds… hence the name ‘8 Second Test!
So what can be done to improve your ‘bounce rate’ and help users (our pupils) engage with us better?


Website button

Adding the app button to your website has so many benefits.
No-one will buy a driving lesson from you on the very first visit if they are simply ‘surfing’ or have stumbled upon your site.
No-one – and that is a fact.
But you need to ask yourself, why is the ‘surfer there in the first place’? Because they want to pass their driving test! So help them do that!
But that process they are about to start is fraught with questions and concerns, so if you can give them something, something useful, something that will help them – like a free theory and hazard course and app – then the ‘surfer’ is more than twice as likely to leave their details in return for this freebie and be open to engage in the ‘sales relationship’ with you.
By having a button for a free Theory and Hazard online course and app on your site, the ‘8 second test’ is passed. So even if the website is terrible and the user does nothing else, they have left their details.
It also means we know that pupil came from your site, and to show your brand in the app and start that vital ‘trust building relationship’.

A choice of buttons

You can choose from a choice of buttons:

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