We’ve all been there… Your pupil ‘says’ they’ve practised, but when it comes to the test, they fail!

With your pupil tracker you can see your pupils’ progress on each topic area in the app,
so you KNOW when they are ready for the test!
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Not only is the tracker available in an iOS and android app for smartfone and tablet, but as it also browser based, it works on your Mac, PC or ever your windows devices too meaning you can always check, even in the car!

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All of your pupils are added automatically when they download the free theory app and all of their
details are there when you need them.



Monitor your pupils’ mock scores, their practise averages, what study they have done, and the study
subjects they have revised.
Complete and thorough knowledge at your fingertips.


Hazards too...

You can asses each individual clip to see which areas need work.



Want to to really tailor your training and support?
Then you can really dig down into the theory study sections and hazard clips to analyse in detail.

Driving menu

The driving menu allows you to watch the 3D briefings and if you want to make an important point, annotate and draw on the screen.



Share and prepare

Once you’ve finished the lesson, pressing the ‘share’ icon next to the video of the lesson you’ve just completed, shares the video with your pupil so they can recap what you have just completed.
You can also send the videos of the subjects you want to cover next time, too!
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Then, the next time your pupil opens their device, a notification will be ready and waiting for them
to watch your 3D lesson recap and view your briefing.
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