Bring your lesson briefings into the 21st century

The ‘driving’ section contains 37 x 3D Driving Lesson videos for you to use as briefings for you and your pupil to discuss.
From the first ‘on-the-move’ lessons…


…to the more complex manoeuvres. And all 37 videos, all in glorious HD.

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When in the car with your pupils, you can pause the 3D briefing video* at a key point, then anotate, illustrate and draw to make your point – just as you would with a traditional Visual Teaching System (VTS).

“Not bad…” we hear you say.


But what if, at the touch of a button, you can then share the images and notes with your pupil via email?
“That’s good…”


But what if your pupil then gets a notification on all their devices, telling them to watch the video of the lesson you’ve just covered, the notes are all there waiting for them AND you can even have their next lesson video and notes ready for them too?


I know – that’s what we said.

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If you would like to offer the app directly to your pupils and give them a 50% discount on the full price of the driving lesson videos too, you can sign up here:

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